Via Elev8.com Oretha Winston, lead Editor at Elev8.com, released a moving opinion piece in support of Gabby Douglas’s accomplishments and not her hair. In recent news many critics took to their twitter”s, opinion blogs, and comment boards to bash Douglas’s hair and people like Winston have had enough. “The gold medal victory of Gabrielle “Gabby, The […]

Via Elev8.com Actress Kerry Washington has been very open about her support for the Obama Administration and has continued to volunteer her services to ensure the President’s return to the White House in 2013.  Now  Washington challenges all supported of Obama to do more than simply vote. In a recent extrusive article delivered on Elev8.com, Washington tells why she supported, then Senator Barack Obama, in […]

Via Elev8.com Often the overwhelming feeling of anxiety is a physical trigger. It’s important to maintain a constant blood sugar level because the brain uses sugar, also known as glucose, as its fuel. If blood sugar levels are too low or drop too fast, then the brain starts running out of fuel. This causes the […]

Via Elev8.com Nick Cannon has been filming Nick Cannon’s NCredible Health Hustle to inform us, dispel rumors and show us the the truth of his disease as he goes through the paces of fighting the disease and feeling great for a change. Read full story with video here.

Via Elev8 A woman in New Mexico has offered to sell her soul in order to help make ends meet. Nothing is off limits to the winner of the auction on eBay, and the woman told NBC she would “deliver the opportunity for someone to save my soul.” Read full article here.

Via Elev8.com The Jackson 5 brother’s, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie and Marlon Jackson,are preparing for new tour dates. In the midst of touring they were recently interview on CNN where they were not afraid to tell all, including the hard questions about, Michael, life and music. Read Full Story here.

via Elev8.com Gospel recording artist and national radio host, Lonnie Hunter, makes headlines with his latest album, “I’m Back.” The first few months of its release, his lead single, “I’m Back” peaked at #15 on the Billboard. Now, Hunter’s latest buzz single, “Anyway” hits the Mediabase National Gospel Radio Airplay chart at #20. Oretha Winston […]

Via Elev8.com Real father figures are  needed for the development and social structure of our private homes and our society.  While there is a steady decline on stable father figures in our homes, Elev8.com takes a look at what we can do to fix the issue.  In addition the story explores a correlation between men on death row and their relationship to […]

I am delighted to bring you some of the highlights from Vanessa Williams being  honored with one of the the 2010 Muse Awards, from New York Women In Film And Television,  which took place on December 8th at the New York Hilton. The gala luncheon is the highlight of the holiday season in the entertainment […]