After seeing a wee trick-or-treater dressed as the recently departed Prince, President Obama belted out a (very soulful) few lines of “Purple Rain” as he dropped a few goodies in his Halloween pumpkin.

When in doubt, be Beyoncé! Check out 31 of the best Halloween costumes paying tribute to Queen Bey.


Don't miss these clever and creative costumes to help inspire your Halloween fun!

Pumpkin Mix (this will make a larger amount for additional cocktails) 8 parts Canned Pumpkin 8 parts Freshly Pressed Apple Juice 4 tablespoons of Pumpkin…

Romans 14:1 “Welcome with open arms fellow believers who don’t see things the way you do. And don’t jump all over them every time they…

A series of shootings occurred last night in Washington D.C. as the city celebrated Halloween. Various confrontations between area youth sparked the gunfire which started in the Georgetown neighborhood. See Also: Black Travel: Visit Washington D.C. See Also: Heidi Klum, Seal Do Gorillas For Halloween According to WJLA-TV/ABC7, a confrontation started between two groups of […]

Halloween brings a lot of fun with parties, costumes and candy. It also can bring violence. Many gangs have initiation rituals that take place on Halloween and it can also bring violence. Rumors have also helped stir up fear on Halloween, as false reports of plans for violence often spread. The Grio reports: In recent […]