Unlike some of her white celebrity peers, no one had to pull strings or pay anyone off for her to get into the prestigious Ivy League school.

What may not have been a traditional graduation speech has now captured the heart and souls of many.

Yale University said it would continue to name a residential college after John C. Calhoun, a 19th century slavery defender. University officials decided, however, to stop addressing residential faculty as masters.

Harvard University's president acknowledges the school's complicity in slavery. She will unveil a plaque honoring four slaves who lived and worked on the campus.

WOBURN, Mass. — A former Harvard University student was sentenced Friday to three years in prison after pleading guilty in connection with the 2009 fatal shooting of a Cambridge man during a drug robbery inside a dormitory. By pleading guilty Friday, Brittany Smith, 24, admitted she hid the gun used in the shooting of Justin […]

Massachusetts– Boston Club, Cure shut down three hours before it was supposed to, for a party for Harvard and Yale alumni before the Harvard Vs. Yale football game, because management claimed they saw “local gangbangers” in the crowd despite the fact that it was a guest list only event. Here is the letter on the […]

Marcos Colono, a 32-year-old man from Cambridge, Massachusetts has been charged with hacking a man with a knife in an attempt to decapitate him and raping his 11-year-old son. Colono is charged for an August 26th Cambridge home invasion, where he allegedly, forced a 56-year-old  Harvard researcher and his 11-year-old son to lie on top […]