The St. Jude legacy is grounded by their mission as we celebrate the past 60 years and many more to come.

Meagan Good & DeVon Franklin made headlines when they decided to be celibate until marriage.

In this edition of Faith Walking, Erica Campbell explains that she posted something on her Instagram page about saving the goodies for marriage, not for boyfriends and girlfriends. She promptly received a lot of push back for it, from people who believed that today’s times don’t allow for such a thing, insinuating that it’s an […]

One of the most attractive qualities about dating an entrepreneur is the flexibility of their schedule. However, on the flip side, entrepreneur schedules can be…

CHICAGO  — Good news: Sex is safe for most heart patients. If you’re healthy enough to walk up two flights of stairs without chest pain or gasping for breath, you can have a love life. SEE ALSO: Did Gingrich Triumph Over Romney That advice from a leading doctors’ group on Thursday addresses one of the […]

A startling new report covered by the New York Daily News states that “multi-person sex” [MPS] seems to be on the rise with teen girls. 328 girls in Boston took part in the survey. Even more disturbing, many of the girls had been coerced or forced into participating: SEE ALSO: Matisyahu’s 10 Tips For Jews […]

While browsing YouTube the other day, I noticed an interesting ad, placed below a video entitled, “Single black women find the search for love is especially difficult.” The ad pictured a Black woman with a shirtless White man next to the text, “AfroRomance — Where love is more than skin deep.” I didn’t want to […]

Photograph by @robinrazzi (picutred l to r: Kamaria 5-years-old, Nia 10-year-old, Nya 9-years-old) With a city plagued by violence, drugs and corruption, you can’t help but to admire the honesty of our very own, Baltimore’s children. The Natur sisters, better known as Watoto Of The Nile, penned an open letter to rap superstar Lil Wayne […]

PENNSYLVANIA-Several bags of crack cocaine, sextoys and a large amount of cash was found at R&B day care center in Homewood, Pennsylvania. RELATED: Top 9 must see Black films WHEC reports: During the bust, agents found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine, several bags of sex toys and $4,000 cash inside the daycare. Read The Whole […]

Take the time to cultivate a state of being that opens your heart. Once your heart is open you can begin the journey that leads to an invitation to intimacy. Join instructor Robin Downes of Yoga Flava, as she guides you on a spiritually sensual healing journey through your energy centers (chakras). This video session […]

In strengthening the core, a person has greater control over pelvic floor muscles and reproductive  organs. Harnessing this helps the individual release muscle tension and experience full body ecstasy. Yoga is an ideal way to get your sensual core in to shape.  Stamina and strength is sexy.  You’ll look better and feel sexier after regular […]