You’ve hit the streets. You’ve carried picket signs. You’ve joined choruses “No Justice, No Peace,” “I Can’t Breathe,” and even “Fight the Power.” You were angered…


Suited and Booted! Roland Martin spoke with high school student Hayden Hinton and counselor Tiffany Gholson about an inspiring video making the rounds on the…

Via  The plans to construct a new youth jail have been stopped. However, the city agrees with community requests to renovate and existing facility. The decision to stop construction was based on the response from protests from youth and social action organizations. Read More. Video Of CVS Store Manager Choking Shoplifter To Death Surfaces […]

Via  The Governor supports the new youth jail plains, claiming that the current one is old and dangerous. Reverend Jessie Jackson showed up to protest yesterday as hundreds gathered in downtown Baltimore. ” There are other alternatives”,  he says. Read More. 11-Year-Old Songwriter Aspires To Motivate Youth Wrongfully Convicted Man Teaches Youth To Never […]

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Matthew Quain still struggles to piece together what happened after a trip to the grocery store nearly turned deadly. He remembers a group of loitering young people, a dimly lit street – then nothing. The next thing he knew he was waking up with blood pouring out of his head. SEE […]