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The Group Fire stopped by the Get Up! Chruch to bring us their new single “Anything But Fail” from their new album “Heal The Land.” The group includes 2 sets of brothers (Terelle Cooper, Juwan Cooper, Justin Cooper, Tajohn Hill, Al Hill) and you can hear multiple styles in their music. A fresh sound from a group of five that is so needed in Gospel today. Listen to their new single below:


Check out The Group Fire’s interview with Erica and GRIFF below:

Read Erica & GRIFF’s Interview with The Group Fire Below:

Erica Campbell: That was “Anything But Fail” from The Group Fire on Get Up! Mornings. Y’all I’m Erica Campbell and they are still with me this morning. Good morning again guys!

The Group Fire: Good Morning!

GRIFF: They are all too young to remember but it sounds like them party lines in the late 80s. I was with the guys at Liz Black’s birthday party in Hackensack, New Jersey had a great time with Jim and their father. I’m so proud of y’all man. The genre needs y’all.

EC: For sure. Absolutely. Absolutely. So, Terrell, you are the leader of the group and your new album “Heal The Land” just dropped. I understand that there’s a little bit of everything on this prod project country reggae trap. Tell us about the whole album.

Terrell (The Group Fire): Yes, yes. Well first off we heard your new single “Positive” and awesome job and it was so amazing. And our project “Heal The Land” is self-explanatory God can heal the land. We want to give a huge shout-out to Steve Cooper for writing new songs for us and you know this music that we’re coming out we have all different styles of music, you know, reggae, trap, is everything is anything for everybody. We got quartet, contemporary, and we hope that all of you all would just listen and enjoy it.

EC: Very nice. Very nice. Al, you are the oldest in the group at 29, the tender age of 29 What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

Al (The Group Fire): I’ll be so honest with you. I really don’t have a favorite on the album. There’s so many to choose from. But since I have to pick one, it would be our current single “Anything But Fail.” Because at least try it at times. You know I feel it’s apropos for all age groups. man, woman, boy, and girl to know what kind of guy we serve. Yeah, we serve a guy that can do all things anything big or small, but he can’t fail. You know? So that’s, that’s the song that we choose.

EC: Love it. Love it. I just started following y’all on Spotify by the way, make sure I stream that a Lil bit. Listen, Justin, you also saying you also sing alto but you are the youngest member of the group at 18 years old. As we come out of the pandemic many young people are struggling What advice would you give to parents of teenagers today?

Justin (The Group Fire): Yeah, so the advice that I will give to parents of teenagers today is that you know teenagers are still children and like the Bible says Train up a child and the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it. So it is important that you know teenagers know that their parents loved them and whatever they’re gonna do they will never go through it alone.

GRIFF: Juwan, you sing tenor little homie Are there any boy bands that you look up to? N’Sync? New Edition?

Juwan (The Group Fire): It’s a lot man but we don’t call them boy bands they’re Men Bands.

GRIFF: Naw, I like boy bands better (laughs)

Juwan: The Men of Standard, The Winans of course you know, we had the pleasure last week to sing at Marvin Winans Musical convocation for two nights shout out to Bishop Marvin Winans. man we love him. And also you know The Jacksons and Earth, Wind and Fire we love those two groups as well.

EC: Very nice, very nice. We are talking to The Group Fire. Their new album “Heal The Land” is available now on all digital outlets. Listen, y’all. These are young men who love the Lord singing gospel music and encouraging other young men to love God as well. Make sure we support them and stream Listen, I know some of our audience is a little older than your granddaughters to help you learn how to stream so we can support The Group Fire. Hey, Terrell, what message would you leave with us today?

Terrell: The message I would like to leave with y’all today is that you know God is still able. God can still do anything but fail. And you know, in spite of the mass shootings in spite of what we’re going through today, he still can heal the land.




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