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P90X, Insanity and  HIIT, are all great sources for total body training, burning the maximum amount of calories and achieving optimal results. I decided to provide you with a” poor man’s” P90X total body routine. This program covers all major muscle groups. I decided to add a couple rotational movements to the program. We take movements such as lifting, walking  and running /jogging for granted. When we perform these movements there is always some sort of rotation involved.  It’s always good to train the body the way it is meant to work. Whenever possible add a few rotational movements to your routine. For this program I recommend 1-3sets of 10-12 reps for beginners, rest as long as you need between each exercise. For the advanced fitness buff  I recommend 30-45sec per exercises and a 1-2min rest after completing each circuit (3-4 times.) The video below will demonstrate each each movement in circuit fashion. Remember, challenge yourself burn as many calories as possible, most important, be safe  and have fun.

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