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Well Ladies I received tremendous feedback regarding the backside workout. Having a nice butt is great but we know that is just a piece of the puzzle. Sexy arms, a flat stomach, legs, nice shoulders are all important as well. So I decided to come up with a total body program similar to the guys workout. Ladies, get off the treadmill and machines. All you need is some dumbbells, your body weight and the desire to be the best looking woman from head to toe this summer. I would like to turn this into a 60 day challenge. If I get the enough feedback, maybe we can change some bodies for the summer. Well let’s get started. Leave comments let me know what you think. Once again best of luck.

The Squat- Ladies the reason I start you off with the squat is because most of you probably despise it. Once you get it down you’ll love it, instant strength and instant confidence as well as lean, sexy athletic legs. Remember perform each rep with excellent form and technique. ( 3-5 sets of 10)

1. Begin with feet pointing straight ahead shoulder-width apart. Open the resistance bars at your chest.

2. Keeping your back straight, squat while lowering arms with open resistance bars until your thighs are parallel to the floor with arms locked out.

3. With one fluid motion rise extending arms outward, bring arms to chest and repeat.

4. Inhale opening resistance bars, exhale lowering and inhale rising.

Single Leg Line Hops– This movement requires athleticism, leg strength and coordination. It’s a simple movement but to get results you must focus on staying low to the ground and get in as many hops as possible. Start off slow master the technique. Once you’ve mastered the movement focus on exploding side to side while controlling the movement for 30 seconds.

1. Stand with left foot directly beside a line.

2. Pushing off with the left foot, hop and land with left foot on the other side of the line.

3. Continue hopping back and forth till you hit the required repetitions.Repeat with other leg.

5. Remember to keep knees slightly bent.

Lunge Circuit- The lunge itself is a pretty simple movement; however I want you to do any any lunges as you can in 30 sec. I want you to control the movement but I want you to go fast as possible.

1. Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart.

2. Step foward with one foot and bend your knees into a lunged position. Your back knee should come close to touching the ground and your front leg should be bent to about 90 degrees at the knee.

3. Maintain your upright posture throughout the movement.

4. Return to the starting position and repeat. Once repetitions are completed then repeat with the other leg.

Treadmill Sprint– Earlier I said get off the treadmill, I meant for 45 min. at a time. I want you to run hard as you can for 30 seconds. Find a speed where you are under control but you are being challenged at the highest level.

Start by placing the speed at a comfortable walk. Gradually increase the speed until you are into a jog a run then SPRINT!

This is your lower body circuit. Every station is to be performed for 30 seconds. Rest from anywhere to 30sec to 2 minutes. Rest after completing each station. This is totally based on your current fitness level. If you’re advanced shoot for the 30 sec. rest. If you’re a beginner 2 min is just a reference point, just give it your best every time and you will get results. Complete the entire circuit 3-5 times. Below you will find the second part of your circuit the upper body circuit.

The upper body circuit will require you to perform each station for 30 sec (except pull ups, your goal there is eventually 6 full ups.. Rest for 30 sec – 1:45sec depending on your fitness level. Then proceed to the next exercise. If you need a longer break take it. Once again just give your best.(3-5 circuits)

Pull Ups- Ladies I’ve found another exercise you don’t like but if you want those sexy arms, back and shoulders then this is the exercise for you. Just be patient, focused and consistent. The exercise may provide you with your biggest gains. Complete as many pull ups as you can. You can modify this movement by using a stretch band or have someone hold your legs.

1) Position hands wider than shoulder width apart with overhand grip (palms facing forward).

2) Start position: Hang with arms fully extended and elbows facing away from body. Feet may be crossed with knees bent.

3) Pull body up until bar is below chin level.

4) Return to start position.

5) Remember to keep the movement controlled with the body stable to minimize momentum and body sway. If the bar is too high, it is advisable to use a step to ensure proper hand placement as well as safety.

Dumbbell Bench Press- This exercise works the chest and the tricep. Nice triceps will give you the lean look you want in your spaghetti strap dresses. Complete as many reps as you can for 30 sec.

1) Sit in an upright position on a flat bench with a DB in each hand. (You may rest each DB on the corresponding thigh.)

2) Start position: Lie onto your back and bring the DB’s to your shoulders. Press the DB’s up directly above the chest with palms facing forward.

3) Lower the DB’s keeping your forearms perpendicular to the floor and your hands aligned at the mid chest area.

4) Let your upper arms go slightly past parallel to the floor and press the DB’s up to the start position.

5) To end the exercise, place the DB’s on shoulders and return to the seated upright position.

Skull Crushers- You’re almost done, skull crushers is a tricep exercise that incorporates all three heads of the tricep, it’s a great movement. (30 sec.)

1. Start by lying on a bench and holding a bar above your chest.

2. Keeping your elbows stationary bend your elbows so that the bar comes down to your forehead level.

3. Stop the bar just short of your forehead and then extend your arms to the extended position.

4. Repeat for the suggested repetitions.

Hammer Curls– Your final exercise, basic bicep movement. (30)

1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent or sit in upright position.

2) Start position: Grasp DB’s with neutral grip (palms facing each other) and allow arms to hang down at sides. Elbows should be close to sides.

3) Flex at the elbows and curl DB’s up to approximately shoulder level. Keep elbows close to sides throughout movement. This exercise may be done one arm at a time.

4) Return to start position.

Ok I have one more exercise for you this will keep your heart rate up for the second part of your circuit. The Mountain Climber is the grand finale, have fun with it.

1. Start by getting on your hands and feet in a prone position.

2. Keeping your body parallel to ground drive your knees up towards your chest alternating back and forth.

3. Repeat this movement for the required number of seconds.

As Usual I’ve Included Videos For Each Exercise.

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